Monday, 28 July 2008

The 'Nays' Have It

For a couple of months now, I’ve proudly been wearing an ink blot on my pointer finger, proclaiming to the world that I Voted. But this unabashed display of enthusiasm in the democratic process is slowly growing out (and getting somewhat overshadowed by nail-paint).

Just in time, I think. Now I can go back to being an honest, tax-paying citizen who is much too morally superior and, surprisingly, still surprised at the extreme hypocrisy and self-serving attitude of the men and women voted into positions that allow aforementioned hypocrisy and self-serving attitude to run unchecked.

So, In The Interest Of The Nation (hey, why should I be the only one without the IotN at heart) I'm going to pretend I want nothing more to do with trust votes and horse-trading and waving money inside Parliament. I'm might watch the news and shake my head in disbelief (tut-tut) and then I'm going to hide behind a lame joke that says Britney Spears is more stable than my Government.

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