Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Say the word

I first saw her from the corner of my eye while I was googling for statistics on coffee production around the world.

The slightest of flutters behind a half-demolished stack of papers. Easily buried in the shadows of academia.

Distracting me all evening with the shimmer of Meaning.

Bolder and bolder as she fluttered around the room.

It wasn't easy to entice her onto Microsoft Word untitled-1.docx. But there she sits above demanding green squiggles.

She makes no sense nor sentence yet.

Just the word carrying the weight of an unwritten story.


meera said...

all new posts are quite amusing :) --keep it up. Checked the Mindgap article too!

little green mango said...

Thank you!
I'm enjoying it again :)

Thank you for visiting too!

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