Monday, 6 April 2009

Thanks for the thought!

An email sitting pretty, read, re-read and treasured - no use pretending I wasn't waiting.

Phone calls, long winded and pleasant.

A photograph that sparks off hysterical laughter to drown out self-righteous indignation.

And everything really is alright.

Good memories just make for more :)

(Pic: Kriplet and the Rascals.)


D said...

:) :)

you have no idea how much i yelled "kary bag kary bag" at every junction thinking it was "that" one.

Chandni said...

Even though i wasnt paying much attention to this... It was super funny, cuz devika wuld ask krip at almost every corner if that was the corner...

little green mango said...

Yea yea :D

D said...

that is exactly what i just said!! ;)

kripa said...

Yeah devika was just too funny man! Kary bags! Memories i tell you!

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