Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bloody Fire Alarms! Burn! Burn!


It's been a long day. So shoot me for wanting a bit of peace and quiet before I put on my jammies and crash for the night.

I said shoot me. Not blow my head to bits with the incessant shrieking of six minute fire alarms every five minutes.

(Make it stop, plEAse!!!)

Where's the fire I ask you?

Nobody uses the kitchens to cook anyway - at least not since they were turned into refugee camps thanks to renovations that have lasted long enough for the new table tops to have fossilised food. (Oh and the smell. The smell of paint and turpentine. Moan-groan-grumble-sob.)

Let them alarms cry wolf just once more tonight and I'll give them a fire.

Only blogging etiquette has held me back from POSTING THIS IN ALL CAPS but make no mistake, I am screaming and whining and swearing and making rude hand gestures.

What's a girl got to do to lead a fire-alarm free existence in student housing? - I ask in great consternation.


Oh yea - Move Out.


meera said...

Oh no! --I know the feeling! and there is ringing in your head for hours after that from the resulting splitting headache due to lack of sleep :( Hope its all gone now.

keshav said...

wear some ear plugs ! & just to be safer wear a fire gear too!

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