Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Michael Schumacher Forever

Update - As my friend Aakanksha says: Or not.

It's been three years since one of the greatest, if not the greatest F1 driver retired from the sport, but it's now time to bring out the old refrain. Michael Schumacher Forever.

Ferrari has announced that the seven time world champion will come out of retirement to step into Filipe Massa's seat for the next race.

Massa fractured his skull at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Although doctors have said that last year's championship runner-runner up is stable, there are worries that he may not be able to race again.

I'm sure I join every racing fan in wishing Massa a quick recovery. But if there's anyone who can slip into a Ferrari, it has to be Schumi.

He may have to come back to drive a car far from the pack leader he's been used to. But whatever the results, his return under such unfortunate and unexpected circumstances will only help to maintain his previous achievements in the full glory they deserve.

He's doing everyone a favour.

On the day that BMW announced it will no longer race, and with many drivers in the job market, Massa would be pleased with the team's decision as well.

Get well soon Massa, and come back. Till then we get to see Schumi race again.

We get to see Michael Schumacher race again.

Maybe if I say it often enough I'll believe it.
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