Monday, 2 November 2009

Meet the Star

Look who got a cool 500 words to write about herself in the paper. 

Education Times Bangalore, The Times of India, 2 Nov, 09.

Note that I also got not one, but two pictures. Neither of them embarrassing. (Have a friend who picked one for me and Photoshop that did the rest, to thank for that.)

Also note the quote that makes the headline.

 I'll admit - it's not just Mum that thinks I'm a natural at this stuff. I'm a Me fan too.


(The link to the page, pdf format.)


meera said...

wonderful write up!! nice pics too :) Congratulations!

little green mango said...

Thank you :)

Arshat said...

wow.. I gotta find that edition.. :)

Anonymous said...

really a star!, nice summary in cool 500 words!

little green mango said...

I have copies ;)

And thank you!

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