Saturday, 10 July 2010

Song 14 - that nobody expects me to love

I'm sure this half-month worth of a reasonably wide variety of songs has killed any "expectations" behind my song choices. So much for any rep I imagined I had.

But I do like this song, and I believe I'm in the minority here.

Elvis impersonators, shiny lights, hilarious lyrics (Oh bol-e bol-e why did-e you ditch me), a spunky bride (you go, girl!), in an altogether unexpected musical break in one of the pivotal moments of Dev-D, a very fresh retelling of the classic Devdas.


meera said...

LOL - That was quite unexpected-I enjoyed it!!!

Kabir said...

I thought the song was sarcastic, but meaningful. In the beginning I hated the song, but then I started to like it once I realized what it wanted to say.

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