Friday, 26 November 2010

Tasty journo titbits

A story that provides opportunities for food tasting is always welcome.

Especially if it involves eating Bangalore's famous K.C. Das rossogollas.

I came back in a good mood, and with a matka full of rossogollas. They were polished off, the matka washed and dried, long before the story made it to print. See? Empty.

On, nom, nom

The story as it appeared in The Hindu, November 25, 2010.

(It's a pity colourful print layouts are lost in the automatic transfer of articles online.)


meera said...

Yum Yum --Take there when i come to Bengaluru :)

little green mango said...

It's a date :D

meera said...

ok :) but oops -- in my comment earlier I meant to say Take *me* there -ouch!

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