Saturday, 10 May 2008

Art classes - 1

I've been learning the Art of Living this last week.
For the SECOND time in my short life.
Yes - why.

As usual, I blame my family. Mum didn't want to go alone, granmum insisted "Journalists need Art of Living," and general consensus was that I'd die cold, alone and out-of-breath in far-away England without Guruji's guidance. Now you can't argue with illogic like that so I went, wishing I was related to at least one old-fashioned cynic who'd side me on this one.

I'll be woman enough to accept some responsibility - I kept an open mind and was willing to give this one more shot. Hey, everyone's searching for Answers. Plus I didn't want to die cold, alone and out-of-breath.

So I went. Day One itself - 'I am Joy, I am Peace' and I'm not sure I can handle it....

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