Monday, 12 May 2008

Art Classes - 2

I needn’t have blamed my family or even swallowed my pride and accepted responsibility for a nearly wasted week – apparently it was all Guruji’s doing. He wanted me to do the course.

So I guess more than his garlanded photo was there all along as I walked up to strangers and told them Hello, I Belonged to Them (and then proceeded to volunteer information of where I lived.) And the time when I held my partner’s hands, looked into their eyes and Saw Love in Them. He was definitely around as I Found My Aura.

In search of good health and peace of mind I became a lioness that roared when called to do so, I embarrassed myself before an audience while learning that I need not be embarrassed in front of an audience, I swayed Like a Coconut Tree with my eyes closed while more robust coconut trees bumped into me with every beat of the music, I shopped at the Divine Shop to buy gifts for others who were shopping for gifts for me, and I was party to a solicitation program that beats Amway square (it was Homework after all.)

Point being, I’m too young to be jaded. I’ll hanker after the good things in life for a while - none of which involve sitting in silence with my eyes closed.

Trust me Guruji, happiness right now is a pair of shoes and the pursuit of happiness.

Maybe in 25 years when my kid is an incorrigible adolescent, I'll run to Art Classes for peace of mind and drag the poor kid along too.

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