Sunday, 16 May 2010

30 days of music - Day 2: my least favourite song

(I think I missed a day. Wonderful start, yes.)

Least favourite song. Hmm.

I could choose 87% of the Top 40 (any country really, based on radio plays and requests and probably iTunes downloads) because they're all just a depressing reflection of the lack of imagination or talent in the 'music industry' today....

Or, I could condemn a whole genre that's lame, immature, disrespectful or offensive, or a combination of those. But someone already did that and there're too many to choose....

I agree with the Internets when they ask if Black Eyed Peas have written the worst song ever (yes) and if Nickelback is the worst band ever (the answer is one click and an amused smile away) ....

But these aren't my 'least favourite' songs. They're songs I detest.

My least favourite song is *drumroll*

Staying Alive by the Bee Gees.

As a pop culture enthusiast (yea, I just called myself that) and a believer in the value of seemingly temporary fads to fashion our societal choices, I'd hate to criticise the song.

I'm sure the lyrics and the vocals by the brothers Gibb resonated with the youth and the creatures of canine auditory capacities in 1977 as the album went on to shatter records.

And plunging necklines and tight-white-pants a la J. Travolta were outrageously sexy to the disco kids.

But that is no excuse for an incredibly popular and culturally significant song to be Annoying As Hell and making one want to seriously consider using a butter knife as an aid to the homicide of all creatures that would consider staying alive after this song.

This song is my least favourite for the continued falsetto, extreme shininess, and high levels of annoying.

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