Thursday, 27 May 2010

Music break

I've spent two days thinking about my entry for '30 days of music - Day 7: a song that reminds me of a certain event'.

With little success.

(What with all these distractions)

Sure there were lots of school dances, holidays, parties, fooling around times that had memorable soundtracks-for-the-day.

But posting any one of those would be needless, pointless oversharing.

What would also be oversharing is a stream of consciousness on hiccups (they've been slowly sucking the lifeblood out of me for the last 12 hours at least with never more than 25 minute breaks) or something as random. Especially if the SoC piece in question is not guided by the conventional rules or understanding of grammar and syntax, or lack thereof, which one would have or should have been exposed to in literary works - y'know Woolfe et al. - but wasn't really, hence making it a SoC more in spirit than in function.

Unless of course it was punctuated by hiccups.

Then it'll be a Brave New World.

Disclaimer: This post was a writing experiment. Thank you for your time. Our apologies for not adding literary, cultural or entertainment value to your day.

Here, go read some actual, thought-provoking issues  now.

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meera said...

I loved your link on 'digital distractions' --posted it on my facebook -with a link to your blog :)Thanks! i am enjoying your music posts !

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