Sunday, 23 May 2010

30 days of music - Day 5: a song that reminds me of someone

It was crazy for a few days. I was humming this song, D was humming this song, this dude Jude was playing in the city, D was sitting in a concert a couple of seats away from music-boy Jude, the radio was playing Hey Jude way too often, Media Player pulled out Jude on shuffle at the precise moment D popped up online, at least twice, it was FREAKY, it was official - Paul Was Dead and he was haunting us, well not 'us' but D, because she was born on the VERY SAME DAY as the song released, but about a couple of decades later.


Love ya D.

Also, I am not fully sure where that fabulous flowchart is from, but it seems to go back to that link there.

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meera said...

Enjoying your entries :)

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